Hi, I’m Melody Scott Zindell

May 27, 1955 Colorado Springs, CO 11:49 pm

May 27, 1955 Colorado Springs, CO 11:49 pm

There are those moments when our life takes a totally different path, probably one we never expected to take. I've had more than one of those times and I'm fond of quoting John Lennon who sings "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."  Others before him have said the same thing.

The latest shift in life direction began with the birth of my third child, Damian, born with Down syndrome. I was a single parent at the time with two daughters, Hawk (12) and Canary (7).

I had already been redirected by life from plans to be a college professor after graduating magna cum laude in 1979 with a BA in Anthropology from the University of Colorado. I was on my way to graduate school in Berkeley, CA as a newlywed, and ended up in business instead. I reached a peak in the corporate world as the Executive National Director of Marketing and Sales at Encyclopaedia Britannica USA, my office on the top floor of 310 Michigan Ave in downtown Chicago.

The next redirect after the birth of Hawk took me from the corporate world to the world of the entrepreneur, with a few successful ventures as I committed to the freedom and flexibility that allowed me to work from home through the thick and thin of life experiences, including a divorce when my daughters were 2 and 7.  

My passion for astrology began in college. I read every book I could get my hands on, went to workshops, mentored for awhile with Jeffrey Wolf Green, founder of Evolutionary Astrology, and gave many many readings when I could to whomever would let me.  A few years after Damian came along, it became clear that he also had autism and I needed to simplify and streamline my life yet again to give him the care he needs. I had been practicing Astrology part time along with other things, but in 2006 I went full time never looked back. I love every minute of my work with clients.

My eclectic lifestyle and perspectives began as the eldest of five children in a missionary family. I grew up in both the Middle East and Southeast Asia, at one time speaking Arabic, French and Malay. I am what they call a TCK - Third Culture Kid.  Boulder, Colorado is where I have put down roots since 1989.  I homeschooled my daughters, born in 1987 and 1991, and I am also homeschooling and primary caretaker for my son born in 1999.  

I tell people that I am an astrologer, but mostly, I am a practical mystic at heart, with a love for the never ending investigation into life and its mysteries. To my mastery of Astrology, I bring a solid working knowledge of Numerology, Human Design, I Ching, Tarot, Psychology, Spirituality and Counseling.