Notice: Please prepay and then email me with your birth time, place and date, and best available times for you.

Payments through paypal - all major credit cards accepted.  

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New Clients ~ Introductory Reading $155

  • 1.5 hour session by phone or skype (may be audio only).

  • Mp3 recording of reading emailed to you for download.

Your full initial reading with me includes an overall analysis of your birth chart from the perspective of the soul's agenda for this lifetime. We look at past life patterns, gifts and challenges bringing you to this point, where you are headed and how everything in your chart supports your unique Hero's Journey. We can also look at specific areas up for you at this time. Included is an outline of dates for the next 12 months for important transits, progressions, and solar return chart.



Returning Clients ~ Full Reading $124

I recommend an annual full update to set up the next 12 months. We cover transits, progressions, your solar return chart.  We can also explore specific areas of interest, and as always bringing a deeper level of insights to all areas of your natal chart.  

  • 1.5 hour session with Mp3 recording emailed to you you. 

  •  All sessions are by phone or skype (may be audio only).


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Shorter Readings $63

  • 45 minute session with Mp3 recording emailed to you

  • All sessions are by phone or skype

Recommended for:  A follow up to a full reading, whenever an astrological perspective or update is needed. This is not equivalent to the annual update, but great for more detail on transits or concepts that may have been touched on. It can also be used for a quarterly transit update, focusing on transits for 3 months in more detail.

These sessions are where alchemy transforms, with the depth and understanding that additional time and commitment gives you.  



Session Packages

- 45 minute sessions   $288  ($48 / consultation)

12 - 45 minute sessions   $516  ($43 / consultation)

I love working with people over time and there are those cycles and periods of our lives when growth is accelerated and change is more intense. To encourage adding astrology to the tool box, because I feel it is so valuable, I offer these package discounts.

Use monthly, more or less often, as desired.  Also perfect for customized modules to learn astrology from beginner to advanced.


Relationship Readings   $155

The dynamics of any type of relationship can be explored from the persective of the deeper reasons for the relationship including past life history.  Of course we also cover compatibility through synestry and composite charts.

Astromapping Consultations   $124

The energetic resonance between you and a place on the earth can influence your life experiences in many ways.

Gift Certificates for friends and family - Full Reading $124


Human Design Chart Fundamentals - Full Reading $124