Weekly Reflections ~ September 9 - 16

September 8, 2018

-     Virgo Super New Moon

     -     Venus moves into Scorpio

     -     Mars moves into Aquarius

     -     First Quarter Moon

This week begins with more big energy shifts. Tomorrow, Sunday 9/9 is a big day.  Early in the morning at 5:26 am EDT Venus moves into Scorpio and then in the early afternoon at 2:01 pm EDT we have a 17 Virgo Super New Moon. And then, Monday 9/10 Mars will move into Aquarius again.

This New Moon is an important one.  At the very least, Virgo needs to feel clear and uncluttered, organized from within so that the irritable distortions of the energy make any lack of focus or productivity feel even worse than it may actually be.  When Virgo is running clean it supports everything else.  So, it feels important to look carefully at where we have Virgo influencing our life and to do an honest reality check with how we are doing.  Events will be accelerating in our lives during the last quarter of this year, so to use this month for Virgo  organization and housecleaning so to speak, will bring grace and flow to the faster pace instead of blame and feeling victimized or like life is against us.  Look to the house(s) Virgo is in, planets or important points in Virgo, and also your 6th house.  

More on the New Moon in Virgo here

Mars and Venus do not make an exact square, but essentially they are square to each other this week as Mars moves back into Aquarius and Venus into Scorpio. A square is two planets being in a 90° angle with each, usually in the same sign. Aquarius and Scorpio are both fixed signs, very creative in a stable and sustaining sort of way that lasts, and both tenacious and stubborn.  So, there is resonant energy from that perspective in the dance of the electro-magnetic energy between these two planets. But Mars is in the element of air and Venus in water, and they are both fairly extreme with these orientations. Aquarius can be quite cool and detached while Scorpio feelings run very deep and passionate. This could kick up quite a storm as the air blows across the water, but the challenge that comes with this cannot be ignored and so ends up being very productive.

Although the Summer eclipses and retrogrades have been hard, most people I’ve talked with have come through it with a deeper sense of what is important to them.  The New Moon in Virgo will help to set up the new directions.  Mars and Venus in a square challenges our souls to how we are going to move forward with the new values and meanings, whether in our relationships directly since these are the relationship planets, or other areas. Venus in Scorpio is not afraid to commit deeply while Mars in Aquarius will leave the gate open, worried that freedom and individuality may too easily get reabsorbed into the past. So, don’t be surprised if in some parts of your life you feel the challenge that comes with staying fast in both your individuality and what is so important to you, even if others may not like it or you just feel a bit out of sink with the group mentality.  This is an important adjustment period in seeing where our new found creativity, individuality or autonomy is challenged, and how we move forward.

On the 16th we are half way between the New and Full Moon.  The Sabian symbol for this First Quarter Moon at 23:02 Sagittarius is: A Bluebird perched on the gate of a cottage.

The keynote is:  The reward which meets every effort at integration into a social environment for those who remain true to their own selves.

Sounds like a good celebration day!