Weekly Reflections ~ September 1 - 8

September 1, 2018

- Venus at 25 Libra moves into the retrograde shadow range

- Mercury moves into Virgo for 2.5 weeks

- Saturn stations moving direct at 2:32 Capricorn (still trine Uranus retro at 2 Taurus)

- Jupiter at 18 Scorpio sextile Pluto retro at 18 Capricorn for a week.

Generally speaking, this feels like a week where the summer heat is still upon us but there is a cooling breeze as we start to feel the optimism blowing in after a fairly brutal few months for many. This nice energy will build as time goes on, and at the same time, we still have some fairly dramatic transits to notice this month. But for now, it’s a great week to take stock.

Tomorrow, Venus will be at 25 Libra, which begins her “retrograde shadow period”. This means that when Venus goes retrograde at 10 Scorpio on October 5, it will travel back to 25 Libra, where it moves direct again on November 16.

Venus going retrograde is a rarer transit, along with Mars retrograde, and here we have the two relationship planets both going retrograde, back to back. Since the middle of May when Uranus moved into Taurus at the same time that Mars moved into Aquarius and they squared each other, so much has happened. Now we are coming up to a deep and contemplative review on what it all means for us. For many, the theme has been relationships, whether with parents, children, spouses, lovers, clients or business partners. It also brings in the entire spectrum of our relationship to life and noticing with some urgency that if we don’t make certain changes there will be challenging and stressful consequences. This may include our relationship to money, food, ourselves and time. We have been challenged to look at what is most important to us.  What would leave a huge hole of emptiness if not there?  What brings deep meaning to our lives?  

The energies are shifting. Mars is finally direct, Saturn goes direct this week and Pluto moves direct at the end of the month.  Notice what comes up for you this month. It feels to me like these thoughts, awarenesses and situations are the final touches to the big shifts, whether internal or external. We will have a chance to fine tune and adjust during Venus retrograde.

This is also a time to reflect on what we may have learned from Saturn since mid April as it has travelled back and forth through the first decanate pf Capricorn. The Moon will be opposite Saturn on Tuesday, 9/4, the same day that Mars direct is once again on the final 29 Capricorn degree for 5 days. Depending on our chart, we each have our unique experiences of these transits, but certainly there is power to this time for the Cardinal signs in general (Cancer/Capricorn/Aries/Libra). On a mundane level, this signifies the end of an era. The final degree of a sign has the energy of “a degree of fate” and perhaps you can intuit why.  Whatever needs concluding, whatever karma has been accruing, has been on a track that is coming to it’s final destination. At this point there is no turning back. With Capricorn, the system, old rules and rulers, the script of our world stage, is coming to the end of that particular story. The new story is going to be quite different, even if we are not quite sure yet what it will look like.

Part of my personal experience has been making peace with Time (ruled by Saturn, ruler of Capricorn). Time has been speeding up over the past few decades, beyond the typical experience of aging. Pluto’s elliptical orbit has been part of this phenomenon, but peddle to the metal began seriously when Pluto moved into Capricorn. Now we have to review how, as Terence McKenna so beautifully laid out with his Time Wave Zero Model, we have travelled through this experience of the compression of time to emerge on the other side.

The experience has been and will continue to be nothing short of intense, but we can smooth the ride with a renewed relationship with time. This will include less planning, focusing more on what is truly important to us, and with the reconditioning of our minds we will notice time beginning to expand again. I feel like I have been in a constricted war with time for awhile, and now I am beginning to breath again. There is peace.

In the middle of the month (9/15 - 18) Mars will have its final square to Uranus, but the tension is strong now and building. As I mentioned, on Tuesday, 9/4, Mars will be direct again at 29 Capricorn, bringing pressure to bear where it is needed to wrap up the old. Then on September 6, Saturn goes direct and on September 10 Mars is moving back into Aquarius, tightening the square to Uranus. More on that next week.

Also on Thursday, 9/6, Jupiter will be at 18 Scorpio and sextile Pluto retro at 18 Capricorn. I have had this listed on my Forecasts Page Overview for 2018, as one of the 3 major heavenly Planetary Transits along with Saturn trine Uranus and Jupiter trine Neptune. It has been a challenging 2018, but notice how much graceful movement behind the scenes is bringing higher spiritual awareness that supports the reconstruction of how we view, build and live in this reality. This sextile is strong between September 6 - 13, so stay alert to the synchronicities and magic flowing in, especially if you have planets or points at that degree.