New Moon Essays ~ Virgo

September 8, 2018

17:00 Virgo Super New Moon

September 9, 2018

2:01 pm EDT

Virgo is a very sweet but complicated sign. I want to reflect a bit on the aspect of Virgo being the path of service, which refines our purity, mastery and perfection. Jeff Green (Evolutionary Astrology) talks about this archetype in the broadest sense as being how we each learn to fulfill a specific function that contributes to the group, society and culture we live with.  We are here as individual units from the Divine Whole to learn what this experience of separateness actually means and teaches us.  As humans we have our unique desires and destinies and yet without other humans we are nothing.  Together, we create and thrive, synergistically going where we cannot go alone.  What we do to help the group sustain itself often also seems to come with the sacrifice of some of our own wishes and needs, and as Jeff Green writes, through the Virgo filter, the lessons of personal sacrifice and service are learned.

Daniel Giamario (Shamanic Astrology) describes the Mutable Signs of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius as “In Service to Spirit” signs.  Virgo is in service through the Sacred Work or Sacred Function and Reverence for all Life. And with this mission we must stay flexible to the times.

This process purifies us as human beings like none other.  We learn where our importance and specialness lies but in a different way than the Leo archetype where ego reigns, the world revolving around our shining star and the red carpet is rolled out just for us.  With Virgo we see where there is still work to be done within our own nature and also how we can serve our collective journey.  From this, true humility springs. The ultimate gift is the return to innocence.

This is why Virgo gets the reputation for being critical and perfectionistic.  There is the deep desire to return to the garden of Eden and to being as pure, perfect and whole as one can.  The powerful Virgo mind zooms in to analyze what is still not right or perfect.  There is a deep unconscious awareness of mistakes made in past lives, bringing both guilt and a desire to get it right this time.  However, we know we are out of balance when our cool and critical judgements gets in the way of sensitivity, or we are so focused on controlling the details and environment we may lose focus altogether.  We also can’t judge what is or is not “sacred work” but instead realize that through karma yoga, or unselfish action, we keep walking, talking, being, doing, learning, growing, without attachment to results or recognition as we purify our mind.

Virgo energy crystalizes and perfects like diamonds in the making.  We can intuit how this process takes time and patience, and so Virgo is practical, embracing the notions of practice, self-discipline, skill, and a willingness to create the daily routines and habits that make us more beautiful and healthy human beings.  Often with this energy, crisis is invited in to mirror what still needs to be worked on. We analyze, discern, make choices, one baby step at a time, working it out.  Virgo is very present moment.  Alice Bailey in Esoteric Astrology writes “Virgo symbolizes depths, darkness, quiet and warmth; it is the valley of deep experience wherein secrets are discovered and eventually “brought to light”; it is the place of slow, gentle and yet powerful crisis and periodic developments which take place in the dark and yet which lead to light.”

The point of clarity that comes with this crystallizing energy rests in the Piscean energies of faith, unconditional love and acceptance for our personal journeys and everyone else’s, without judgement, harshness, guilt, worry or anxiety.  It’s a tall order for Virgo but through this we understand that surrender to the much larger cosmic forces from which we came puts everything in a much different perspective. We understand the beauty of all that is, the perfection of the imperfection.

Where Virgo falls in your natal chart is up for renewal and rebirthing with this New Moon. Our life is sacred and the entire chart reflects the quest, but this area, be it relationship, our sense of self, health, work, money, goals, home or creativity, this is a good place to embrace the idea of Sacred Space, dedicated to the disciplined work of both service and self-improvement.  This is where we can change the old mental and emotional patterns that lead to crisis and victimization.

Melody's Blog

New Moons are very powerful. The Yin and Yang come together with each lunar phase, tides coming in and out, over and over. The annual Virgo New Moon is when both of our sky luminaries are traveling through and together at the same point in Virgo’s space, between the 150th - 180th degree of the zodiac.  This brings new beginnings for the month but also for the year in the area of our lives that Virgo rules, which is unique for each of us.

The archetypal signs of the zodiac are part of our noosphere or collective mind, forming an etheric mental sheath around the globe.  We took the 12 prominent constellations that lie on the ecliptic plane or path of the Sun from our point of view on Earth, and divided the 360° circle into 12 neat sections of 30° for each sign.  Whatever planetary function moves through that slice of space is indeed a lens for the particular sign / energy archetype.  Sometimes I think of the signs as the transformers that step down Universal energy into our reality.