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"Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you." ~Dane Rudhyar

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I am currently reorganizing and restructuring formats and will be returning soon!

Individual Tutoring / Mentoring

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One on one tutoring is the fastest way to become proficient with the nuances of this rich and complex discipline. I must admit that this is my favourite time. I would love everyone to understand astrology and how to read their own charts. This is the only way to truly remember our most authentic selves - and the journey of discovery never ends. It's always fun and exciting!

My programs are flexible and tailored to your needs and interests. All of the work we do together uses your chart and other charts of interest to illustrate and integrate the concepts. I draw on the fundamental principles of esoteric, classic and evolutionary astrology.

The Block Plan - 4 classes plus a free intro planning session - $207

~ Each class is 60 minutes long by phone or skype.

~ Begin each block with a free introductory planning session to set up the course

   focus together.

~ All sessions recorded and mp3 link sent to you for downloading.

~ Blocks can cover basics, advanced levels and astrology as a profession.

"To Go Deeply Within Connects us to the Universe"

October 17, 2017

There are many ways to describe the language of Astrology, and fundamentally, this system and discipline is just one of the many languages birthed from our collective consciousness at some point in the very ancient past. It is one of the many languages and systems we use to describe our reality, and to help us explore ourselves and to define what we have discovered. Like everything else, it grows and evolves as the collective consciousness grows and evolves.  Read More

Fundamentals of Astrology Blog Series