Know Thyself

“The key to remaining in our integrity is for each of us to identify with our own waveform. This means to accept and love ourselves completely. Because we accept and love ourselves completely, we do not hide or deny our imperfections. Because we do not hide or deny our imperfections, we take complete responsibility for who and how we are. Because we take complete responsibility for who and how we are, we do not give our power away. By not giving our power away, we do not create negative cling static.
— Jose Arguelles
Sistine Chapel Ceiling: The Delphic Sibyl ~ Michelangelo

Sistine Chapel Ceiling: The Delphic Sibyl ~ Michelangelo

Astrology is a brilliant tool for understanding the nature of oneself, and for me not much is more important. If we know who we are as separate and magical beings, each with our unique contribution to the world, to others and to existence itself, then we are not so easily swayed by the omnipresent forces of control that tell us who we should be, what we should do, what we should believe, how we should dress, what to do with our leisure time, or how we should make a living. The question is, do you want to live your precious life – or someone else’s idea of you and how you should live? It is time to take responsibility for living truly, authentically and with spiritually purity. 

Over 4 decades ago I picked up my first astrology book, and I immediately broadened my perspective into an objective and accepting place for both myself and other people. Until that time my experience was much more personal and emotional. I am still an emotional and personal type, but tempered, and with the temperance came a greater resistance to other people putting me into a box I didn’t fit into. In fact, I no longer tolerate it at all. I grew and grew, faster and faster, leaving behind most of my old life and ways of being. I studied every system I could, and where the truth overlays, I

gain appreciation for the added facet of understanding. As I mastered a system, I would put it on my reference shelf to occasionally dip into, but astrology has kept my interest throughout. It is an open ended system incorporating everything spiritual, psychological and mystical with very ancient roots that predate our recorded history.

We’ve lost much of the ancient knowledge with astrology, but it is being “remembered” as serious scholars open to the knowledge encoded in our DNA.  Astrology is an occult science with the secrets of alchemy encoded.  Self knowledge is literally the door to higher consciousness and Divine Union. To know ourselves as unique but brilliant fractals of the whole is the initiation point into true understanding of what it means when we say "we are all one". To study and understand one’s birth chart, even on a rudimentary level, takes us out of the consensus mentality and begins the process of individuation and forward into multidimensional awareness.  I wish every child knew their birth chart. I love passing on all I have learned to anyone willing to take on that level of responsibility for their life.

The world right now is not healthy. It is heartbreaking and overwhelming. The only thing we can control is our own inner reality, what goes on in our heads and in our hearts. If we wait for things or the collective to change, nothing happens very slowly. But, as each person gains power and sovereignty for their personal reality, we then become exponentially closer to the collective consciousness shift that can bring us to a more beautiful experience of life on this beautiful planet! For me, self awareness is my passion and most noble pursuit.

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