Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Posted on May 18, 2015 by Melody

Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

May 18 - June 11

2015 is a year of air sign Mercury retrogrades, this first one was in Aquarius, late January/early February, this one in Gemini and the last in Libra this fall.  

Mercury retrograde periods in general require a little more focus and vigilance to the present moment just because on an energetic level, the typically speedy little planet appears to have slowed down, come to a full stop, and then moved backwards for 3 weeks.  During this time it  moves more slowly than we are used to seeing, coming to another virtual standstill before moving direct and picking up it’s normal speed after a few days.   This is particularly hard for Mercury in Gemini, the ultimate in speediness, intelligence and all around high strung energy.  

Mind you, this is not really happening, but from our observer perspective.  But “As Above, So Below” it is reflecting the dynamics of our processes down here on earth.  The retrograde energy conveniently matches the “re” words such as “review, redo, reflect, rethink, remind”, so if an activity embodies that essence, then this might be the best time for it.  500 companies have started under Mercury Retrograde, so the important thing is to be mindful of the details and to “sloooow down”!

This particular retrograde period feels very tricky to me.  Many are collectively feeling the underlying anxiety and nervousness that might be somewhat normal for this energy, to be more intense than usual.  It has a foreboding feel.  Mercury passes over 9 degrees Gemini on May 9, May 29 - 30 and June 23.  The whole time Neptune is at 9 Pisces, so Mercury is squaring Neptune bringing more potential for challenges with communication, secrets and lies, confusion, miscommunication, distortions, deceits and generally not the best time for negotiations.  

Also interesting is that two of the four fixed Royal Stars fall on that degree.  In our current zodiac, Aldebaran is 9 degrees of Gemini, and Antares is opposite at 9 Sagittarius.   These are both very bright stars, Alpha stars, Aldebaran being the “Eye of the Bull” in Taurus and Antares the “Heart of the Scorpion”.  

All assigned archetypes have strengths and weaknesses, and the brighter the strengths, the more challenging the difficulties, with no exception here.  Aldebaran reflects the qualities of courage, intelligence, honor, responsibility, but with the warrior qualities of fierceness and dangers of violence and illness. Antares is full of passion but also very volatile, and both royal stars hold the qualities we are familiar with in Jupiter and Mars.

Neptune is square this fiery opposition by transit for some time while Mercury is accentuating the energy.  We can see the uptick in both fear and violence.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if some global economic “disaster” happens in the next couple of weeks since Mercury does rule commerce and trade after all.

Mercury is also within orb of Saturn’s strong influence at 0 degrees Sagittarius.  We are rethinking the structures of our reality and noticing what has to change.  The shifts we are feeling are strong and people will be speaking out with some force and clarity at this point.

We are all rethinking our lives, hopefully with more clarity than ever before.  The next three weeks are a time to be careful with our actions, words and thoughts generally speaking.  In addition to the Martian quality of the fixed stars being transited, Mars is traveling close to both Mercury and the Sun during this time, so the impulse to say or act before thinking is strong and can cause problems. Harnessing the power of our mind, words and actions with Mars is also very powerful and supports the changes that are happening in our lives right now.

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