They say astrology finds you.  While in college, a random astrology book captivated me, and although I landed in the business world, I continued to be a serious student of not only Astrology, but many of the ancient and modern psychological and spiritual systems. Anything that would help me to understand humans and our collective experience.  Astrology has been a full time profession since 2005 (part time since 1997).

May 27, 1955, 11:49 pm Colorado Springs, CO


B.A. Anthropology – University of Colorado - 1979 magna cum laude

Work Experience

Encyclopaedia Britannica (1980 – 1989)  National Executive Director of

                                                           Marketing and Sales

Cell Tech International (1989 – 2000)  Independent Distributor

Flatirons Martial Arts (2001 – 2006)  Interim Owner/Operator

Astrological Consultant (Full Time 2006 – present)

Life Experience

My eclectic lifestyle and perspectives began as the eldest of five children in a missionary family. I grew up in both the Middle East and Southeast Asia, at one time speaking Arabic, French and Malay. I am what they call a TCK - Third Culture Kid.

Boulder, Colorado has been where my roots have been put down since 1989.  I homeschooled my daughters, born in 1987 and 1991, as a single parent.  I am also homeschooling and primary caretaker for my son born in 1999, who has both Down Syndrome and Autism.  

But mostly, I am a practical mystic at heart, seeker of Truth, with a love for the never ending investigation into life and its mysteries. To my mastery of Astrology, I bring a solid working knowledge of Numerology, Human Design, I Ching, Tarot, Psychology, Sprituality and Counseling.