Please prepay and then email me with your birth time, place and date, and best available reading times for you.

~ Fee includes 45 minute session and preparation time

~ All sessions are by phone or skype

~ Mp3 recording emailed to you for download

Recommended for:

As a follow up to a full reading, clients use this service whenever an astrological perspective or update is needed.  We can go into anything you like with this time, but this reading is not for the recommended annual updates that detail your transits for the upcoming year (see Full Reading).  These sessions are where alchemy transforms, with the depth and understanding that additional time and committment gives you.  This is where the power lies and why I encourage (and offer package discounts - see below) multiple sessions during critical years.  Astrology gives guidance and practical tools based on timing, areas of focus and the deeper truths of your horoscope. Take destiny into your own hands and see the magic unfold!  

Individual Natal chart readings and updates  

I recommend at least an annual full reading, as there is no end to the adventure of exploring our most authentic and sovereign selves.  We can't cover everything in just one session.  We start with the deeper soul’s intentions for this lifetime, within the context of past lifetimes and the nature of the current esoteric cycle.

The “solar system” of our personality structure explains the characteristics, strengths and challenges that we bring to this journey.  The blueprint is laid out for us, but how we understand and work with it can make all the difference.  As our consciousness grows, our daily lives reflect the changes, whether with parenting, partnering, creating, working or playing.  Life keeps getting better and better.

Full readings include the annual transits, progressions and the solar return chart for the year. The bigger overview of the “astroweather” reflects our life at this point and answers some deeper questions “why?”  It also gives us a clearer framework and understanding from which to make the best choices.  Of course, we will look at any specific questions that are up for you.

Relationship Readings

Parent/child, friends, couples, coworkers etc. Understanding how the energies that the charts describe work with each other can improve any relationship dramatically. Astrology offers practical and psychological insights into how and why two people relate to each other. Choices and dynamics can be enhanced rather than destroyed.  Of course, the deeper soul and karmic reasons for the relationship are also explored.

We will cover basic compatibility, essential relationship needs for both parties, the deeper reasons for the relationship including past life history, general concepts of synastry (how the two chart dynamics interact and play off each other) and general concepts of the composite (how the relationship works as its own entity). Best with both parties present, but not necessary with permission of the absent party.

"I have worked with Melody for several years and find her astrological readings precise, insightful and useful. Her perspective is big spiritually so her information lovingly supports self-discovery and self-acceptance."  - M.R.  Kilauea, Hawaii

"Melody has a gift of blending the science of Astrology with a deep intuition, to offer amazingly accurate depictions of who one is and what one should be focusing energy on. Her understanding and expertise is both profound and instinctual.

The readings Melody has done for me have offered a greater understanding of who I am. I discovered several tools for healing and growing. I have come to understand why things have been the way they have in my life and how I can come to terms with my life.

I have referred several of my own psychotherapy clients to Melody in order to receive the same gifts. I have witnessed my clients' transformation from the readings they had with Melody as well."  - B.B.  Boulder, Colorado

"Thank you again for such a wonderful experience Melody. My mind is abuzz from all the information and insights. This was truly transformative for me."  - L.K. San Rafael, CA

"Thank you Melody!  The reading was so incredible! It gave me immense comfort and hope. I can't wait to listen to it again!  Thank you soooo much!!"  - A.F. Tempe, AZ

"I just wanted to tell you that you gave such a deep and profound reading last night.  I listened to it again and there is so much information and packed with many layers.  I'm grateful for the time you took and the integrity that you bring to your work."

- E.S. Venice, CA

“It’s been almost a month since my first reading with you, and I’m still thinking about our session, and the information you provided….it was a very significant experience for me!  Thank you so much for all that you provided.” N.D. Boulder, CO

“I call on Melody frequently to help guide me through life’s ups and downs. Every time we talk, I am impressed, not only by her obvious understanding of astrology, but her ability to relay that information in a way that is relevant and pertinent to me. I’m impressed by her knowledge and her incredible gift of intuition. More often than not, I hang up feeling much calmer and more centered. To me, she’s equal parts astrologer, therapist and friend.”    - A.S.  Westcliffe, Colorado

Quick Insights   $40   

Recommended for:

Do you want a very quick and simple astro take on a single, specific question?  This on the spot intuitive and deductive analysis might be the added support you need.  

~ A 30 minute phone/skype consultation, recorded and emailed in mp3 format for you to download.              

~ Or, with Quick Insights only, I offer a written response, about a page emailed to you as a word doc within 24 hours.

New!!  Short Reading Packages

  Saves you a little and use as needed!      

$270 / 6 45-minute sessions ($45/consultation)  

$480 /12 45-minute sessions ($40/consultation)    


Gift Certificates!

The unique gift for your special people. I will email you a gift certificate to print out - fits letter size envelope.

Astromapping Readings  

The energetic resonance between you and a place on the earth can be seen with the astrological techniques of astrocartocraphy, relocation charts and local space charts.  When considering places to move to, understand the interaction between you and the place so that you can optimize your experience. Full Reading.

Wedding Date Readings  

There are no perfect dates, but the chart of any event or new enterprise does set an underlying tone to be worked with, so why not get the best day, time and fit possible?  Full Reading.

Please prepay and then email me with your birth time, place and date, and best available reading times for you.

Please prepay and then email me with your birth time, place and date, and best available reading times for you.

If you prefer a written response, I offer that with Quick Insights only.


Thank you, thank you for a most enlightening relationship reading!!! We both feel like it reaffirmed what we knew at a deeper level and gave us some amazing tools for the future!! You are amazing!!   - L.M. Muscatine, Iowa

~ Fee includes 1.5 hour session and preparation time

~ All sessions are by phone or skype

~ Mp3 recording emailed to you for download  

Recommended for:

~ Your initial reading if this is your first one with me.

~ A full update to set up the year, which I suggest annually

    and includes transits, progressions, solar return chart,

    eclipses and new/full moons.

~ Relationship Readings

~ Your best Wedding Date

~ Astromapping

See below for more information and detail on readings and consultations

All information you provide is private and never, ever shared.

Full Astrology Readings   $150

Short Readings   $60

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for my reading last week - its was truly inspirational and helped me clarify where I am going and what I want and need to do for my own future happiness. Your reading has helped me put things in perspective, given me confidence to make changes."   - J.B.  Auckland, New Zealand

"Thank you so so very much for the fantastic and amazing readings you have given me recently. Times have definitely been tumultuous and your readings and advice have been incredibly helpful and absolutely spot on. You have also been genuinely caring and compassionate, and have helped me to reach a really good perspective on things that have helped see me through. I am so grateful."  - J.W.  Boulder, Colorado  


Your Current Name Frequency Report   $45   

The spelling of your current name makes a difference!

Letters and numbers have a vibratory code that influences the environment, and that we can sense, whether consciously or unconsciously.  Nikola Tesla said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  We’ve seen the video where sounds with frequency and vibration organize matter into geometries and shapes.  It works the other way around as well.

How your name is spelled transmits your energetic vibration with its frequency.  While it won’t keep you from your destiny, certainly it can subtly influence how gracefully your path unfolds.  Challenges that don’t need to be there disappear after you new vibration is solidly in place.  How others respond to your energy can change automatically for the better.

I use the ancient and mystical Chaldean Numerology system, which is very attuned to the vibration and metaphysical codes, to determine if your current name holds a positive or more challenging vibration and frequency.  If your name as it stand is strong, then that is great.  If not as strong, I will suggest some alternative spellings.  Feel free to also include any names you have been considering.  This basic report is $45.00

"Thanks words to convey what it means to me."

                                                     - J.Z.  Tel Aviv, Israel