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Astrology with Melody

“As above, so below; as below, so above.” -- The Kybalion

Astrology is a field of study encompassing the Mundane and the Divine.  It is psychological, spiritual, natural science and art. As a divination tool it taps into the intuitive and the feminine. As a discipline, its empirical rigor keeps us going deeper and deeper with intellectual excitement that matches the mystery. My approach is both practical and spiritual, synthesizing my interests in the Esoteric, Hermetic and Gnostic mystical traditions with the modern methods of Evolutionary and Psychological Astrology.

With our first breath, we embodied the energies of that moment, imprinted into our DNA and reflecting the cosmos within. To begin understanding our birth chart opens the door into an ancient and fascinating place. Here we find our deeper dilemmas and confusions as well as our truest selves.

The mystery never ends! Astrology offers an approach that goes to the core of one's life...why we are here as individuals and how can we use the energies of our individual make-ups so that we get the most from our lives. It also gives us an inclusive, broad and open-ended system through which life can be better understood, worked with and appreciated. The horoscope symbols as we know them are a reflection of "natural law", energy beyond our imagination that manifests in this physical time/space. May this tool inspire the wonder of our interconnectedness to all that is.

"The positions of the heavens at a particular moment in time, by reflecting the qualities of that moment, also reflect the qualities of anything born at that moment.(…) One does not cause the other; they are synchronous, and mirror each other."

Liz Greene - Founder of the Centre for Psychological Astrology

with Melody

Aquarius Rising