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Sagittarius, Astrology with Melody
Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (Zeus), the greatest of all the Greek Gods.  Son of Kronos and Rhea, husband and brother of Hera, he is the ultimate authority among the immortals, and basically governs the entire universe.

Key Words: Wise, jovial, natural, blunt, high standards, optimistic, philosophical, moral, long distance travel, adventurous,  broad-minded, restless,  good natured, honest,  tolerant,   discovery.  Divine vs. mundane.

Mutable - Fire - Yang

What is life about in the broadest possible sense? That is the quest for Sagittarius.  Having gone to the depths of Scorpio, now the horizons beckon, boundaries yet to be expanded, knowledge and truth with a capital “T” to be discovered.  Jupiter rules this sign, and as we know, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.  Zeus in mythology is the god of both gods and men, ruling the know universe, free spirit and guaranteur of universal justice and law.  The Sagittariun is a child of Zeus.  Philosophers and Truth seekers, they pride themselves on being broad minded, tolerant, wise, carrying the expansive energies of optimistic and joyous adventure.

Sagittarius the archer aims high, and is also identified with Chiron, the good and wise centaur.  Chiron as a centaur has a wild side, but was also known as a teacher’s teacher, used by the gods themselves to tutor their children in all of the arts including medicine, astrology and warfare.  It has been suggested that Chiron could be considered the shadow side of Zeus.  He was willing to take the place of Prometheus when an accidental wound from a poison arrow that would have killed a mortal being, left Chiron in eternal pain.  The master healer could not heal himself, and so released another.  In the end, Zeus released Chiron to the stars where he is the archer in the constellation of Sagittarius.

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