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Watching the stars at night reconnects us to the wonder of our place in the universe, heightens our attunement to the holographic nature of reality, and the deeper wisdom that comes from natural and ancient understandings.

Transits are like an astrological forecast or energy weather pattern. The advantage to being aware of astrological transits is that we can use the knowledge to flow with the currents instead of against. Transits will be reflective of our collective and individual journeys to one degree or another, but if a transiting planet is also directly aspecting some specific point or planet in your natal chart, the effects are very personal, and can be profound and life changing. This is inside information that helps decisions and choices to be made with awareness and clarity. And sometimes the information simply validates our experience, which adds assurance that we are on the right track in the bigger scheme of things, even if it may not always feel that way!

As we understand more in the fields of quantum and fractal physics, Astrology as a natural science is gaining more respect. What is happening in our solar system through the circles, rotations and spinning of the planets and how the force fields are impacted with these movements and connections, correlates with the geometric aspect of astrology. Add to this the nuances of the holographic universe theory, with the idea that we are all reflective of the whole, and the Hermetic concept of “as above, so below” does not seem so far fetched. The more we can look at the astrological charts, maps and symbols as being a reflection of internal processes (and vice versa) the greater the power this tool will have in our lives.

Astrological transits, forecasts, Astrology with Melody

Chiron will be transiting through the sign of Pisces from 2010 - 2018.

Chiron in Pisces: Do You Want to Live Forever?

Crafting the Dreams

Coming Soon:

Chiron in Pisces: The Pineal Gland and Purging the Past

Chiron in Pisces and the upcoming Space Wars

Chiron in Pisces and the Reenchantment of the World

Saturn in Scorpio

Neptune in Pisces

Uranus square Pluto commentaries are a regular part of my podcasts and updates

Long Term Transits

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                                   2014 Transit Highlights

Mercury Retrograde: February 6 - 28, 2014

                               June 7 - July 1, 2014

                               October 4 - 25, 2014

Mars Retrograde:  March 1 - May 19, 2014

Saturn Retrograde:  March 20 - July 20, 2014

Pluto Retrograde:  April 14 - September 22, 2014

Uranus square Pluto: 5th and 6th pass

                                at 13 degrees April 11 - 29, 2014

                                at 12 degrees November 26 - December 26, 2014

Jupiter Direct: March 6, 2014

Uranus Direct: December 21, 2014

Neptune Direct:  November 16, 2014

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The Lunar Calendar
click here for void of course times and sign changesMoon.htmlMoon.htmlJune

Saturn at 5 Scorpio trine Neptune at 5 Pisces through 6/22

8  New Moon 18:01 Gemini at 11:56 am
    Mars at 5 Gemini square Neptune 5 Pisces and Saturn 5 Scorpio
    Mercury at 11 Cancer square Uranus at 11 Aries

10 Moon at 10 Cancer opposite Pluto mid morning, trine Chiron mid afternoon,
     conjunct Mercury early evening

11 Venus at 10 Cancer opposite Pluto

12 Moon at 5 Leo square Saturn and inconjunct Neptune

13 Moon at 16 Leo square the nodes
     Venus at 12 Cancer square Uranus

14 Mars at 10 Gemini inconjunct Pluto through tomorrow

15 Moon at 13 Virgo opposite Chiron

16 Venus at 16 Cancer trine North Node

19 Moon conjunct Saturn at 5 Scorpio

20 Moon conjunct North Node 
     Mercury conjunct Venus at 21 Cancer

21 Happy Summer Solstice - Sun moves into Cancer at 1:10 am EDT
     Mercury conjunct Venus at 22 Cancer

23 Full Moon 2:10 Capricorn at 7:32 am 
     Moon conjunct Pluto

26 Mercury turns retrograde at 9:08 am - for 3.5 weeks
     Jupiter moves into Cancer

27 Moon conjunct Neptune at 5 Pisces
     Venus moves into Leo

30 Moon conjunct Uranus at 12 Aries


2 Moon conjunct south node

7 Saturn stationed at 4:49 Scorpio through tomorrow

8 New Moon 16:18 Cancer at 3:14 am 
   Saturn turns directiweb stats
The Lunar Calendar
click here for Moon void of  course  and sign changesMoon.htmlMoon.htmlMoon.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2